Alyssa was introduced to yoga in her early teenage years by her mom. Honestly at first, it wasn’t for her- or so she thought. Being a very active person, she couldn’t seem to find the peace and stillness within during the slower paced classes her mom was fond, she dropped it. About a year went by and Alyssa attended her first Hot Yoga class. The practice was vigorous and intense, and she immediately fell in love. Not long after a consistent practice began to root, she attended her teacher training during college up in Tallahassee, Florida. After receiving her certification, Alyssa began to focus solely on Ashtanga yoga, a practice she found to be beautiful and meaningful. Ashtanga helped her gain confidence in her personal practice as well as in her teaching. After teaching for a few years as a secondary job, she decided this was what she wanted to do full-time. Being able to teach her students and see their growth was one of the most powerful things Yoga has offered Alyssa. Finding that feeling was all she really wanted, she opened up Bend & Breathe in 2016, offering downtown Hollywood and the surrounding areas a place to practice with like minded people. Although Alyssa still practices her Ashtanga Yoga daily, she has now found the meaning and the beauty behind slower, more still practices. The classes she offers range from quiet and mindful to strong and powerful, and hopes to spread the love for all styles of Yoga.