"Andres took his very first hot yoga class while in the middle of a cold, convoluted Chicago winter night in 2011. Immediately, he felt there was a reconnection deep within, a body and mind alignment that had been lost for years...so he signed up and kept practicing. Months into the practice, he decided to sign up again; this time for a  teacher training. Upon completion, he still didn't feel it was the time to teach. Fast forward a bit and as life has it, he ended up in Florida, trying all different styles and eventually landing on Ashtanga as a focus. Unfortunately for a reason unbeknownst to him the popularity of the practice declined steadily over the 2014 to 2016 period making it almost impossible to find studios that would offer it, and this is when by pure chance and geography while coming back from a night out that he ran into Bend & Breathe. After joining, Andres worked under Alyssa's caring wing and found the courage and support to lead others in the practice.