Chaturanga. I think it might be safe to say this is probably not your favorite yoga pose. However, this pose is the bread and butter of sun salutations not to mention the foundation for most arm balances.
One of those poses that we practice regularly and when practiced out of alignment, it has the potential to cause more havoc than good.
I invite you to join me as we dissect this pose down to the most minute detail to really understand it's alignment and the role it plays in the greater spectrum of movement. (don't worry we won't sit there holding it indefinitely and there will even be a little bit of play time in the end ;))

If you are newer to the world of yoga movements, needing/wanting to improve your upper body strength or looking to venture into the world of arm balances this workshop is for you.

Advanced sign-ups are required for the workshop so if you are interested please sign up at your earliest convenience :)

The price is
$20 advanced registration
$25 at the door (there is sound healing by donation happening from 12-1 if you want to make a day of it!)

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