In this workshop, the participants will:
Learn and practice the main principles of Natural Movement (Tai Chi and far east wisdom), which are the cornerstones of this system.
Explore their breath-body connection to discover the power of breath as an endless source of energy and as a spotlight to feel.
Earn a tool that will help them on and off the mat to achieve better health and balance by triggering the relaxation response and letting go of tension in their bodies and minds.

The workshop begins with a short Stråla Relax session to get into feeling mode and help people connect to their bodies and sensitize. After introductions we will move into the natural movement principles by going through some rounds of practice and discussion of movement exercises. Helping them discover the benefits of moving in a harmonious integrated way, using the least amount of energy to go through the poses. At the end, we will close with a Stråla Energize class to put everything into practice and end up feeling great and with renewed energies.

Class is only $35.00!