In this training, you will learn how to make yoga accessible to seniors, persons with disabilities or limited mobility, the chronically ill, Alzheimer patients, pre- and post-surgery patients, at your desk ("office yoga") and those recovering from injuries.

You will learn to teach and offer:
-modified yoga postures in chairs
-chair modifications in mixed level classes (standing and sitting)
-private chair yoga sessions
-breathing, chanting, and meditation in chairs.
-You will also learn about the business and marketing of Chair Yoga so you can start your own classes at senior or community centers, hospitals, yoga studios, health clubs, corporations, and other settings.

This training is for yoga teachers, nurses, PT’s, MD’s, OT’s, caregivers, and for those wanting to learn Chair Yoga for their own practice or to share it with others.

Includes a certificate of completion and 140+ pg chair yoga teacher training manual.

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