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Just like anything unfamiliar to us, yoga can be a scary thing to try.

Yoga is widely practiced around the world because it helps our total well- being. It improves flexibility, perfects posture, increases muscular and cardiovascular strength, elevates mood, improves balance and creates healthy habits.

For most people, yoga conjures up images of young, athletic, hip women and men bending into impossible positions. Although it can be difficult to see yourself having the ability to practice yoga, it is for everyone regardless of age, physical condition or flexibility.

Everyone deserves a chance to feel good.

We welcome you to begin your yoga journey with us.

Our three-class course is for absolute beginners. Feel comfortable learning and asking questions in a small group atmosphere.

Each week a new dimension of the yogic practice will be discussed and practiced. Our teachers will guide you through:

- Breathing and meditation techniques and seated postures

- Twisting postures and standing postures

- How to follow a flow-based practice and feel comfortable

Give yoga a try, your mind and body will be grateful.

This Intro to Yoga course is available to New Members Only. For $35.00 you will be in a small group class once a week for three weeks. This is a $60.00 value!

There is a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 people per course for the classes to operate! Must sign up beforehand- no drop ins.

Please bring your own mat or borrow one of ours. Wear clothing you are comfortable moving in!

Our Intro to Yoga Teacher is Alyssa Berman.
Once a beginner herself, with no past experience of sports, gymnastics, dance or any other form of exercise, Alyssa knows the feeling of nervousness that arises when walking into a yoga studio and not knowing what to expect. From her first class, where she honestly wasn’t even sure yoga was for her, to last year when she opened Bend & Breathe, she has met hundreds of people unsure of where to begin with their practice. Alyssa will show you that yoga can be practiced by anyone, help you experience the bliss of finding yourself through the beauty of mindfulness and posture alignment, and create an easy transition from beginning to group classes.