Introduced to yoga over 15 years ago, Theresa immediately recognized the colossal benefits. She knew this practice would change her life. Suffering a number of major injuries along her path, she learned the importance of keeping the body strong and limber not only physically, but mentally as well. Receiving her 200 HR TTC in 2014, she passionately expresses that becoming a teacher of this 5000 year old tradition has been one of her most gratifying accomplishments. She loves to teach yoga, talk yoga, practice yoga, breath yoga, eat yoga...basically, she loves all things yoga. I guess she'd be considered a yoga addict. An avid pet lover, she has dedicated most of her working life to animals. She believes animals have many admirable attributes, and virtuous traits from which we could learn. Taking care of one's body is a virtuous action in itself. Many times, we get tied up in the repetitive actions of our everyday life, and the mind gets left alone. Our energy begins to scatter, and we lose touch with ourselves. Yoga helps us to bring the light back into our lives. It helps us connect with our purpose and clear the path in our mind so we can find our way. We often forget that each one of us plays an important role in the unity of the universe as a whole. Ultimately what Theresa strives for is to help people bring happiness and peace back into their lives through yoga. More recently, Theresa completed 24 hours of training in Vedic Thai Yoga Bodywork to expand her knowledge and love of the practice.